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The 2024/2025 Birchtree Lottery is complete! All intent to enroll forms submitted after the completion of the lottery will be put on our waiting list in the order they are received. 

Birchtree Charters School's lottery process is a pivotal component of its commitment to providing quality education in a free, public charter format for students in grades K-8. The school recognizes the importance of fostering a sense of community and continuity, and as such, siblings of current students are given preference in the lottery. The lottery is a highly anticipated event, held annually in May, but the journey to securing a spot at Birchtree begins earlier, with the intent to enroll application period starting in February and extending through the end of April. As the number of available spots is limited, students are added to classes in accordance with these openings through the lottery drawing process. New families, eager to embark on their educational journey at Birchtree, begin by completing the intent to enroll form. Then, families with students in 1st-8th grade must participate in a school tour, an invaluable opportunity to get a firsthand look at the school's facilities and environment.  If the family is enrolling in a kindergarten they will need to attend an informational kindergarten meeting.  After these steps are completed, the family will be eligible for the lottery.  

After the Lottery

After the lottery drawing, new families are notified of the outcome by a phone call. This could mean securing a spot in one of Birchtree's classes, marking the start of an exciting educational adventure, or learning about their position on the waitlist. The school's enrollment process is designed to be inclusive, informative, and transparent, making it accessible for all families eager to join the Birchtree community. Once these spaces are filled, students are added to the waitlist in the order of their selection through the drawing process, ensuring a fair and transparent process for all applicants. Birchtree Charters School remains committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all of its students. 


Enrolling at Birchtree Charter School is a straightforward yet exciting process that caters to both current and new families seeking a top-tier educational experience. For current Birchtree families looking to add a new sibling to the school community, the first step involves filling out the intent to enroll form and then following through with district registration, streamlining the process while ensuring a sense of continuity within the school. For new families after receiving a phone call offering a spot at Birchtree, follow the district registration process and select Birchtree as your child's school.

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