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Welcome, Parents!

Whether you're a prospective parent or current parent, you can find the information you need! Click on the headings below!

Find information on registration, student activities (afterschool activities, etc.), policies and procedures, and more. Learn how to access Bloomz where you can directly communicate with teachers, get the latest on what's going on in class, view the more detailed Birchtree calendar, sign up for volunteer opportunities, view the Birchtree Buzz, and access forms and applications.

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In order to make the right decision for your child and your family, take the time to familiarize yourself what life and education is like at Birchtree. You may begin on the Prospective Parents page by learning about how we got our start and what Waldorf curriculum is all about. This information is an excellent start but check out the current parent information as well to find out about activities and our day to day. 

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