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We have many educational and enriching fundraisers here at Birchtree. Giving or helping us raise funds is an excellent and much appreciated way to support Birchtree Charter School. 

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Square One Art

This great opportunity allows you to collect your student’s artwork in many different forms.  Your student will come home with a document with a QR code. Follow that code and make purchases all year! Funds go towards Birchtree school needs. Contact the BPG with questions.

The Faires

Fall Faire is a wonderful event bringing the community together to do crafts.  Gems are sold and then redeemed when participating in a craft.  The money earned from the sale of gems goes to support the school. May Faire is a wonderful spring event where families can come enjoy crafting for free. Food, drinks, and baked goods are available for purchase supporting the upper grades classes.

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The Auction

The auction is an event organized by the 7th grade class as a fundraiser for their 8th grade trip.  This is the biggest fundraiser and the most fun, come dressed according to the theme, enjoy a great dinner, and bid on all sorts of wonderful items.The 2024 Auction will be held on April 6th.

Citrus Fundraiser

This holiday season fundraising opportunity allows you to purchase fresh California citrus directly from the supplier while supporting Birchtree. 

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If you want to only worry about lunches for your child 4 days of the week, Friday you have to opportunity to buy a pizza, salad, and drink.  Purchase by the week, month, semester, or year.  The funds raised with pizza sales support the upper grades' 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. 

The School Store

The School Store is managed by the BPG and provides you with the opportunity to buy Waldorf items the students love and are familiar with. Great for Christmas and birthday presents or as enrichment items to use in the home to create some continuity between home and school. Step into their school world with them by exploring their learning tools.

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