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Explore the videos below and email your child's main classroom teacher to get started!

Bloomz is a user-friendly and innovative app designed to revolutionize parent-teacher communication and engagement. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Bloomz serves as a centralized platform for parents to stay informed about their child's education journey. Through the app, parents can effortlessly communicate with teachers, receive real-time updates about their child's academic progress, access important school announcements, and actively participate in their child's school life. From scheduling parent-teacher conferences to coordinating volunteer opportunities, Bloomz streamlines the entire parent-school communication process, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for parents to actively participate in their child's educational development.

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Why Bloomz?

How to Get Started

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Classroom Teacher Emails


Celena Brunot -

Cam Lee -

Vanessa Chadwell -

First Grade

Janelle Davis -

Mike Danz -

Second Grade

Amanda Lund -

Hera Divelbiss -

Third Grade

Kara Johndro -

Heather Asselin -

Fourth Grade

Diep Tran -

Naomi Gourdin -

Fifth Grade

Tara Prosser -

Cristina Ouellette -

Sixth Grade

Jen Sundquist -

Mary Beth Feldman -

Seventh Grade
Dan Klauder -

Rachel House -

Eighth Grade

Jared Phelps -

Advanced Orchestra

Melanie Keenan -

Upper Grades Girls Basketball

Amy Vander Schrier -

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