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Birchtree Parents Guild

To hold, gather and grow the school community.

The Birchtree Parent Guild is a 501(c)3 that organizes various committees to serve the school in areas such as assistance with fundraising campaigns, volunteer coordination, facility development/maintenance, festivals, teacher and office support, and any other area of need. BPG meetings provide a means for parents to be informed about school issues and to offer their input and ideas. Birchtree parents are welcomed to participate by attending the monthly meetings.


Need a place to buy all school store supplies and "extras" from school related activities? Check out our facebook group with all our updated info!

To contact the BPG please email:

BPG Members


Anna Abernathy

Michelle Westwood.jpeg

Michelle Westwood
Vice Chairman

Open Parent Seat

Jamie Pic.jpg

Jamie Evans

Kyle Vander Schrier
APC Liaison

Jennifer Sundquist.png

Jennifer Sundquist
Teacher Representative

Gabrielle Sterner.JPG

Gabrielle Sterner
Parent Representative

Rachel House.jpg

Rachel House
Teacher Representative


Amber Laulainen
Parent Representative

Open Parent Seat
Parent Representative

Open Seat
Community Representative

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